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Mud daubers are wasps varying in size from medium to large, usually around an inch. These inspects are very common in Florida! They are sometimes called thread-waisted wasps. The most familiar aspect of mud daubers is their nest which is made of mud or clay and attached against houses, under eaves or bridges, and often inside garages. Cylindrical cells of mud are built side by side until they make a mass that may be the size of a softball. The mud nest is smoothly plastered over the entire outer surface. Mud daubers rarely sting and do not defend their nests.

Life Cycle:

The mud cells are lined with insect larvae or spiders which have been paralyzed by the female's venom and a single egg is laid in each cell. The larvae feed on the paralyzed prey. The larvae mature in three weeks and then spin a cocoon but will not pupate until the following spring, the adults emerging quickly thereafter.


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