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cigThere are many types of Leaf-footed Bugs, which are true bugs. They feed on seeds, tender twigs, and leaves with piercing mouthparts. The adults are about 3/4ths inch long, and brown with varied markings. While they do not do much damage to shrubs and trees, they are a nuisance pest when they enter homes seeking overwintering locations. Sometimes large numbers will enter a home in the fall. Leaf-footed bugs can fly, and they make a loud buzzing noise. They do not bite or sting.

1.Antenna- long
2.Eyes- compound
3.Head- facing forward with beak
4.Legs- 6, wide pads on back two
5.Wings- yes
6.Thorax- triangle shape
7.Petiole- none
8.Abdomen- under wings
9.Color- green or brown
10.Other- slow moving, mimic plants

Life Cycle

Adults emerge from their overwintering location in late May or early June, and the female will lay eggs on host plants that hatch in about 10 days. The nymphs will immediately begin feeding, and go through five instars. By mid-August, the nymphs will have become adults. When the weather turns cold in the fall, they seek their overwintering spots. There is one generation each year.


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