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cigThere are many varieties of mites, some affect man, others infest birds and/or animals. Mites are a close relative to spiders with 8 legs. They can also infect agricultural products and crops--some even live in the soil. Spider mites, Clover mites, Beetle mites, Gall mites, and Velvet mites are some of the most common pests. 

Spider Mites

Spider mites are extremely tiny, and get their name from the silken webs they leave on the underside of leaves. They can be white, red, or green in color. They cause damage by sucking the sap from plants, especially citrus. There are many varieties including the Red Spider mite (also known as the Citrus Red mite), Six-Spotted mite, and Two-Spotted mite.

Straw Itch Mites

Extremely small, Straw Itch mites are a parasite to many insects, but they can also be a problem as their host insects infect straw, wheat, and grain products. They can cause dermatitis on humans who come in contact with infected products. They can usually only be detected with a microscope. Human contact with hay, especially sleeping on hay mattresses, is a common means of infection. Bites are almost always on the clothed portions of the body, and may not be noticed for 10 hours or more. These mites are also known as “Grain Itch”, “Hay Itch”, and “Straw Mattress Mites.”

Clover Mites

These mites are about 1/32 of an inch in size, and colored reddish brown. They feed on a wide variety of plants, but do not leave a silken trail.

1.Antenna- none
3.Head- gnathosoma
4.Legs- 8
5.Wings- none
6.Thorax- none
7.Petiole- none
9.Color- brownish to blackish
10.Other- tiny, related to ticks, spiders, and chiggers

Life Cycle

Mites go through a rapid life cycle, usually taking only 2-3 weeks to complete. Hundreds of eggs can be produced, which hatch in around a week. Larvae and nymphs, which may go through one or more instars, only take another week or two to evelop. This results in large populations in a minimal time.


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